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Jessica Vosman, 1992.
Fashion & Portrait Photographer
Based in Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands,
available worldwide.

At an age of 15 I discovered my love for photography and it didn’t took much time to realize I wanted to become a photographer. When I was 17 I started to study photography at Art School in Rotterdam, where I learned a lot. I’ve always loved reading fashion books and magazines, because this is how my love for photography started. But during my last two years at the Art School I discovered how much I loved to photograph fashion & portraits myself.
Besides photography I also have big passion for traveling. I love to explore the world and discover beautiful places and capture this with my camera.

What inspires me the most are the (im)perfections of people and how to capture this, while I’m telling a story with my fashion & portrait photography. I love to capture people people at their finest and on a pure and natural way. Even with my travel photography I’m doing this. My biggest dream is to combine (fashion & portrait) photography with traveling. How cool would that be?

I love doing fashion & portraits shoots the most on location with daylight, because a location can have a lot of surprises and it improves the story or the composition of the photo. It can make a photo series more dynamic.
On the other side I also love to work in the studio, because I can control everything and it’s interesting how you can create something out of nothing.

Currenyly I work for fashion & lifestyle brands (think about lookbooks or campaigns) and for private clients (think about portraits, loveshoots or weddings). If you’re looking for a photographer for your brand or if you’re looking for a photographer to capture your portrait or wedding, feel free to contact me! It would be my pleasure to create something beautiful together!

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Digital Photography – Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2011 – 2015

Ilse Leenders – 2014
Danielle Kwaaitaal – 2014

Archive Mag, Bring Me Magazine, Cerulean Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Ellements Magazine, Fotografie Magazine, Haute Punch Magazine Igone Magazine, Kodd Magazine, Salysé Magazine, The Atlas Magazine, The Model Magazine, Volant Magazine, Zoom.nl

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